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The Future of Mobile Marketing

No one likes to be interrupted and no one wants to be sold to. The advent of the DVR is a testimony of that. Relevance is now the name of the game and providing value through your marketing medium is the key to getting your message to stick. With the explosion of social networks and constantly connected mobile devices, marketing efforts can and should be targeted and tailored to specific groups of potential customers. It makes as much sense for the business as it does for the consumer.

I believe cell phones will indeed become a more prominent means of marketing in the future. With the way that the mobile web has exploded now that full HTML browsers are supported and data speeds are increasing AND GPS tracking and location aware applications built into these devices, the possibilities for delivering relevant content are near limitless. In the iPhone 4.0 additional accelerometers have been added to now track a phone’s rotation on all 3 axises. I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon find augmented reality applications being built and distributed for these devices that could provide a whole new way to market on mobile phones, using the camera, GPS and rotation tracking to overlay information about what one is looking at. Smartphones are definitely the next frontier, not only in technology but in marketing as well.



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