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Mobile Interaction for Live Events

Q: After a thorough review of the website and software “textlive” has to offer, who would this technology appeal to and why does it have the potential to gain such an avid appeal?

A: Textlive has an obvious appeal to the young singles crowd in night clubs, dances and public parties. This demographic is already mobile-savvy and in an environment where they are looking to get noticed and enjoy attracting the attention of their peers. DJ’s and venues that implement these technologies have the opportunity to gain a huge technological advantage by becoming early adopters of the technology and thereby gaining a reputation for the entertainment they provide.

The appeal of the technology is found in its ability to connect the individual directly with the DJ, host or even the entire room. I remember during high school at a dance or on the radio how exciting it was to request a song that was later played and even more so when the DJ would announce it as a request from me. This text message system is the DJ request line on steroids, with the ability to give a shout out to the whole room or to interact with the DJ directly in a very easy and intuitive manner.


Q: How can this software benefit marketers and advertisers? What concepts from the Keynote slides and reading material are being utilized by this form of marketing? Please cite if necessary.

A: This software can definitely be useful to marketers. By capturing their numbers as the audience interacts with the software, they can send opt in messages to request permission to send timely messages, discounts and other text marketing messages to their phones. In the moment of interacting with the business, I can see how many of those people would be much more likely to respond positively to those messages, because they have already given them something of value – the opportunity to interact with their friends and peers in a new and exciting way.


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