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Gaining Wealth by Serving

Listening to Dave Ramsey, he quoted an article (that I can’t remember the title of, but wish I could) that explained how some of our learning ingrained from childhood is sabotaging our ability to succeed and be wealthy. In Jewish culture, they have a very good teaching that leads to success– they view wealth as a sign that they have SERVED well, whether it’s their boss that they have served, their company, or an entire customer base. Because they have served someone well, they reap the natural byproduct– prosperity. I love that. If you are doing something you believe is truly a valuable service, you can be successful by serving well.

On the flip side of that many of us have been taught that being wealthy isn’t an honorable goal, that somehow being wealthy makes us evil or shrewd. If we could flip that mentality to one of service, which is something we should all aspire too, I think a great deal more of us would be wealthy, and not just in money, but in character and in relationships.

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