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Stacey and I had our DNA tested recently. It was interesting to see that the test identified several genetic mutations that are actually known to contribute to certain personal dysfunctions we had come to recognize in ourselves, even before we were tested; namely Stacey’s inability to handle stress and my own disposition to shifts in mood and general sensitivity. As I thought about this, it was easy to think, “Oh, it’s in my biology. I just can’t help it. So am I just supposed to deal with it?”

But the answer was clear. We’re not 100% biological beings. We’re not merely instinctual animals. The very thing that makes us human is that divine spark, wherever it comes from, that for millennia has allowed us as individuals to transcend our circumstances, be they biological, environmental or circumstantial. Rather than letting nature decide who the strong are that survive, we have the unique ability to see our weakness and quickly adapt. By forming new habits, accepting new activities, and even choosing to adapt one’s diet– the key in all of these solutions is the power of choice– one can ultimately shape his/her current reality and thereby shape his/her own destiny.

Happiness (part 2)

Happiness Part 1 I would argue that one cannot simply choose to be happy anymore than one can simply choose to be successful. Rather, like success, it comes by the consistent ability to make choices that lend themselves to happiness. When one makes choices that are in harmony with the nature of happiness, that person… Continue Reading

Happiness (part 1)

Throughout my youth, and still today, I heard quite frequently, “happiness is a choice.” Often this was said in conjunction with, “so, choose to be happy! Stop wasting time being sad.” I’ve thought a lot about this over the years, and while I don’t think the adults trying to guide me to a happy and… Continue Reading


Life is an endless string of moments. A moment is an interesting phenomenon. Each moment includes the immediate past, present, and immediate future. The present is meaningless on it’s own. The present is the exact millisecond that is here and gone in less than a blink of an eye. The present is given meaning only… Continue Reading

Goals for 2017 – 100 words/day

I don’t believe in “resolutions.” A resolution is just a watered down goal where people tell themselves they’ll do better at something, forget about it, and then berate themselves when they realize they messed up. A goal is something you write down, set a plan for and is achievable. Not a vague “I want to… Continue Reading

Work Makes Perfect

We often go through life saying to ourselves, “I want to do this,” or “I want to be better at that,” only to find later that little has actually changed. Humans are perhaps the most adaptable and versatile creatures on Earth, yet we find we are not naturally prone to change. We’ve all heard the… Continue Reading

When My Time Comes…

Very little of conventional music moves me these days. That’s why I’ve almost entirely abandoned traditional radio (except for talk radio) and listen almost exclusively to Pandora.com. But beyond simple listening pleasure, every once in a great while, it seems a song will jump out at me and resonate much deeper than its catchy pop… Continue Reading

Full Sailing

In December of 2010 I graduated from Full Sail University with a Masters in Entertainment Business. My late nights working on homework have finally paid off and I can now add a masters to my collection of degrees. To say I am happy to be done would be an understatement but I wouldn’t trade in… Continue Reading