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Mobile Advancement in the U.S.

One of the major challenges that mobile companies in the USA have had to deal with is the vast space our country covers. The US is the third largest country in the world by size, with a vast population scattered across it, meaning that any nationwide network has a lot of ground to cover in… Continue Reading

Mobile Banking Pros and Cons

Q: What opportunities and challenges present themselves when using a mobile device to conduct personal business and finances?   A: I personally look at mobile banking the same way I look at having mobile access to the internet. I do 90% of my banking online and have been for about the past 5 years. I… Continue Reading

Mobile Interaction for Live Events

Q: After a thorough review of the website and software “textlive” has to offer, who would this technology appeal to and why does it have the potential to gain such an avid appeal? A: Textlive has an obvious appeal to the young singles crowd in night clubs, dances and public parties. This demographic is already… Continue Reading

The Future of Mobile Marketing

No one likes to be interrupted and no one wants to be sold to. The advent of the DVR is a testimony of that. Relevance is now the name of the game and providing value through your marketing medium is the key to getting your message to stick. With the explosion of social networks and… Continue Reading

You Can Call Me, “Master”

That’s right, I will soon be called “Master.” As soon as I complete the remaining 6 courses in the program that is. I’m currently attending Full Sail University Online in their Entertainment Business Masters program. So far, I’d give the program 8 out of 10 stars overall. There are definitely some things that could be… Continue Reading