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Mobile Advancement in the U.S.

One of the major challenges that mobile companies in the USA have had to deal with is the vast space our country covers. The US is the third largest country in the world by size, with a vast population scattered across it, meaning that any nationwide network has a lot of ground to cover in order to reach its customers. Mobile phone companies have had to spend so much of their resources on simply providing service that they are barely starting to bring new technologies like 3G and 4G network speeds, but it’s still taking time; these technologies can’t be found everywhere simply because there is so much territory to be cover.

A country like Japan, however, has a very robust economy, a large population and a landmass a little smaller than the state of California (World Factbook, 2010). They have much less area to cover and therefore can more quickly and cheaply set up infrastructure to offer services to a large percentage of their customer base. This means that more of their resources can be devoted to upgrading to new technologies and providing new services than US companies can afford.

I think mobile technology also fits the European and Asian culture better than it does the U.S. culture. The U.S. is big. Living in the U.S. is big. We drive big cars and have big houses with big yards. It’s a lifestyle of excess in many ways. In Japan, open land is scarce and people are closer together. Technology is quickly adopted as it allows people to do more with less. A small device that can do so much fits right in with that high tech culture because of its convenience and versatility.


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Mobile Interaction for Live Events

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