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Happiness (part 2)

Happiness Part 1

I would argue that one cannot simply choose to be happy anymore than one can simply choose to be successful. Rather, like success, it comes by the consistent ability to make choices that lend themselves to happiness. When one makes choices that are in harmony with the nature of happiness, that person will come closer to that ideal. Anything else is simply momentary pleasure.

Some of the choices I’ve seen most consistently increase happiness include gratitude, service and love for others. Working towards our ideal self, becoming a better person tends to bring happiness. Progress equals happiness.

Gratitude in particular is a potent choice for happiness. It is a choice to be grateful– to focus on the things we a grateful for. We can make this choice often, even when we are sad.

Happiness (part 1)

Throughout my youth, and still today, I heard quite frequently, “happiness is a choice.” Often this was said in conjunction with, “so, choose to be happy! Stop wasting time being sad.” I’ve thought a lot about this over the years, and while I don’t think the adults trying to guide me to a happy and… Continue Reading


Life is an endless string of moments. A moment is an interesting phenomenon. Each moment includes the immediate past, present, and immediate future. The present is meaningless on it’s own. The present is the exact millisecond that is here and gone in less than a blink of an eye. The present is given meaning only… Continue Reading

Goals for 2017 – 100 words/day

I don’t believe in “resolutions.” A resolution is just a watered down goal where people tell themselves they’ll do better at something, forget about it, and then berate themselves when they realize they messed up. A goal is something you write down, set a plan for and is achievable. Not a vague “I want to… Continue Reading