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Goals for 2017 – 100 words/day

I don’t believe in “resolutions.” A resolution is just a watered down goal where people tell themselves they’ll do better at something, forget about it, and then berate themselves when they realize they messed up. A goal is something you write down, set a plan for and is achievable. Not a vague “I want to be better,” but a concrete “I’m going to do X, Y, and Z, and this is how I’ll do it.” Every year I set goals. I write them down, then I prioritize them, so if one has to get left by the wayside, I know I can always drop from the bottom of the list.

At the top of my list this year is to be a “creator” instead of just a “consumer.” I consume information all the time– blog posts, tutorials, entertainment. I want to be a creator, someone who accomplishes things, and adds to the world. I struggle to share my thoughts, talents, and opinions with the world (as evidenced by the sporadic posts on this blog), fearing that people aren’t really interested in what I have to say and that I don’t want to offend anyone. Once I verbalized my fear, I immediately saw how ridiculous it is.

My plan to become a creator is to write 100 words per day for at least 100 days. I can write about literally anything. If I can’t think of something specific to write about, then my backup plan is to use the time to write a gratitude journal. If I’m consistent enough at writing after a few months, I might try to do both (100 words posts + an additional gratitude journal). I hope to capture some of the random nonsense that I often think about and, when appropriate, I’ll share it here on my blog. Perhaps someone will find it amusing. And if not, !@#$ them. I didn’t write this for them anyway.

My motto for 2017 (and maybe forever):

“He or she who is willing to be the most uncomfortable is not only the bravest but rises the fastest.”
– Brené Brown