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Life is an endless string of moments. A moment is an interesting phenomenon. Each moment includes the immediate past, present, and immediate future. The present is meaningless on it’s own. The present is the exact millisecond that is here and gone in less than a blink of an eye. The present is given meaning only in context of it’s surrounding moment. In the context of each moment, we are like the gods, existing simultaneously in the past, present and future. Every moment is an opportunity. What one chooses to do in each moment, changes an eternity, for a moment can never be repeated. Where there was only a possible future, there is now a concrete past which cannot be unwritten. This moment has been changed forever.

Work Makes Perfect

We often go through life saying to ourselves, “I want to do this,” or “I want to be better at that,” only to find later that little has actually changed. Humans are perhaps the most adaptable and versatile creatures on Earth, yet we find we are not naturally prone to change. We’ve all heard the… Continue Reading